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Sunday, November 18, 2018

Is There Anything Else I Need To Do To Make Me Desirable Or Qualified To Settle Down?


what to make me qualified to settle down

I've tried to be a responsible young man, my girlfriend of about 4 months missed her period sometimes ago. 

 I begged her to keep the pregnancy and I was ready to fulfill her conditions which includes taking her to my place, Akwa Ibom, as soon as possible, going to see her people, wedding and starting my family with her.

She is 34 and I'm turning 38 on November 22. She aborted the pregnancy with the excuse that I'm not ready.

I'm a struggling young man with multiple skills, I live alone pay my bills feed myself comfortably, above all I have a good heart. Please is there anything else I need to do to make me desirable or qualified to settle down?

You need to ask her what qualifies a man ready to settle down, to so women if you don’t own a car or house, then she won’t settle with you. But wait… at 34 and she’s still aborting baby? It is a waooo…

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