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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Craziest Things We Do For Love – See The Foul Things Her Fiancé Demands Of Her In A Bid To Spice Up Their Relationship


my guy wants to have 3-some

Some people go to extents to see that they keep the fire of their relationship burning, while some others will not even lift a finger to make compromises for their loved ones. What will you do if you were in this lady’s shoes?

In an interactive session with one of our relationship expert, a lady explained what her fiancé demanded of her all in the name of spicing up their relationship. She decided to seek a professional advice to figure out what it really meant since her fiancé was becoming more demanding of it.

She said her fiancé came home from work one evening and called her to tell her that he would like to spice up the relationship, she agreed and asked him what he had in mind, and he told her that he would like to have a three-some with her and one of her friends, that is two ladies and him. 

She didn’t find it really brilliant though but she agreed to the three-some but on the condition that it has to be one of the guy’s male friends, being two guys and her.

According to the lady she complained that her fiancé has been craving for crazier stuffs with her and this has made her to question his sanity. “One day we were about to make love and he wanted to record it with his video camera but I feared that he would leak the video because I know what he can do. Another time he demanded that we make love in front of his friends. He gets angry anytime I refused until I agree to it, I fear he might demand to have sex with me in public one day or worse”, she added.

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