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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Confession Of A Young Girl Who Sleeps With Her Father And Gave Birth, - “I Did It To Save My Family”.

confession of a girl who sleeps with her father

Please I do not wish to mention my name for the sake of keeping my identity private, please i also wish to be kept private, and for those of you who will start to judge me, before anyone judges me, kindly read my story first, thank you H plus community. I have been having sex with my father since I was 20. 

But Splendor you see I love him and he has been so loving and caring, I took it upon myself to take care of him since I lost my mother when I was at the age of 18 and I am the first child of 4 girls and no boy.

My father is a kind hearted gentleman who treated my mother like a queen when she was alive and made every one of us his children happy, but since he lost her to a popular accident that occurred in 2011, a woman who was crushed to death by a trailer in Lagos state, she was returning from market that day before the incident took place. Ever since then my father has never been himself as he resulted to drinking, he became a heavy drunk for two years as I watched my siblings suffer.

He no longer cared for any of us, all he does was to get drunk and to fall asleep wherever feels comfortable to him. I tried talking to him on some occasions but it only makes him so emotional, couple of times I have tried to hook him up with women were bad experiences. I just couldn’t watch my father continue sinking and my siblings suffering for this.

One day I started sleeping with him and he started to yield, in fact I seduced him myself because I reminded him so much of my mother and I knew that it was the only way I could get him to come back. I have a 3 year old son for him now and this has remained a secret we kept away from my younger sisters. My immediate younger sister got suspicious about us one day when our former neighbors started to suspect me and my father of having sex, which was the reason why we moved from that compound.

It was because of this sacrifice that I made that my father is still alive till today if not, he could have already been dead right now, and two of my younger sisters are now in the university except me. I hope one day they will come to understand this sacrifice that I made was for them.

The problem now is that I have come to love this man and he loves me too, but I worry about my future. I know that what am doing isn’t right and I want to stop but I don’t know how to stop.

Oh gosh!!! My dear it is not your responsibility to keep your father sober with sex after he lost his wife, you need serious deliverance from the spirit of your mother who might have entered inside you. It’s time to break out of that bondage, you need to talk to someone physical whom you trust, this is no life that you are living.

I understand that you feel that you have the responsibility to take your mother’s place and take care of your family, but it does not mean sleeping with your father to keep him sober from getting drunk over the excuse of losing his wife, you even have a son for him now. Better look for admission and leave that environment so that you can focus on your future. A word is enough for the wise!

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