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Friday, October 12, 2018

When Is The Best Time To Have First Sex With Your New Date?


First Sex With Your New Date

So many dating rules are antiquated nowadays—the prototypical dinner and a movie, waiting two days to call, even the concept of a man coming to the door when he picks a woman up is considered a rare occurrence these days. That, plus trends in sexual liberation have blurred the lines of what’s considered common, prudent, or acceptable, making the “Never sex on the first date” rule seem altogether silly. So how can you tell if you should move in for even a kiss without misreading the signs or crossing a line?

Here’s what some ladies thinks about the matter;

Purity: Me I can't marry a guy I have not had sex with oooo because I don't want to divorce him after marriage biko. Trust your babe now I don't like pretense. My dear anyone that love u n want to stay will still stay even though u give it to them on a first date but the ones that are only after the sex can even wait for 10 years after having it they will still disappear.

Habimbolu: Please I can't come n have problem in my marriage oo... Let's confirm everything the next day we start sef, Besides wait till years... It does not keep a it tomorrow won't keep him either. So why not kuku do it n take your eyes away.  It just that guys can be funny, if u do it immediately after date they think u are loose, meanwhile that's what they came for... Is it not the curves that attracts them?? So from my own experience of my previous dates.... if the guy don't ask I won't push it. But whenever he is, biko I am too.

Mercy: Any man that will marry me will make sure that he’s physically and spiritually strong.

Chioma: If he’s hot hot then am giving it hot hot on the first day, if tomorrow he walks away then me too I walk away. What matters is that I enjoyed it while it lasted.

Blessing Odion: For me oooo I can’t marry a guy I have not slept with because I have to know if he is capable or not and whether he sleeps with you now or later in the year, he will still leave you if he wants. Our prayer is to meet the right one that will not chop and go.

Joy: Hmmmm well to me oo anytime is cool mehn, but den our home guys get it twisted, as in wen u give it to them early they call u cheap, well with all their certificate they have acquired I look them like unschooled, meanwhile moral/biblically is wrong.

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  1. At least come girls no dey form like that, thank God them dey talk their mind.