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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Ladies Share Their Worst Experiences In Their Past Relationships. H Plus Exclusive Interviews

Images of Whatsapp chat shared by these ladies

H Plus Community hosted an interactive therapy session on its whatsapp group, and some ladies revealed their worst experiences in their journey to love, read some of those ugly experiences below;

Patience: OK so i was dating dis man. I felt he loved me and i loved him too. He always had my time, makes me feel like a woman. He provides for my family and I. The problem was that he has too much pride. He thinks he is always right and never wrong…

 All of a sudden his feelings changed towards me. If i call he those not pick or he will say he is busy and end the call. This man was married with two kids and he said he stills wants to marry me. I was faithful to him. His family knew me apart from his wife and children, so i was scared that his family didn't ask him to stop and focus on his family. Well am in love with this man. He is the only person that has every made me feel alive. But now am nothing to him. This man promised me heaven, He is a good man, paid my fees and house rent, but now he has stopped taking care of me and left me to be a child of the world.

Splendour: Did you try to do some investigating or ask him some questions? Am suspecting something, because a year is too long for him to just forget about u like that.

 Patience: Yes i did. But he keeps denying it. One lady is always calling him at night whenever he is with me. So one day i got the lady's number and added her on Imo and greeted her no insult. She already knew my picture so she called him and told him i chatted her up. Boom! There was where the problem started from. From that day the man started shouting at me and stopped talking to me. So the lady started posting her pic and the man pic together on her status. That means he was also seeing her.

Splendour: Men hate this kind of thing with passion. Snooping around their phone, or they don’t like to be trailed, infact to have a heart free of worries you have to avoid your man’s phone. It’s even enough reason for his actions.

Patience: I didn't check his phone. He used her phone number to fill his master degree form and i was asking why he didn't use his wife number instead of another person’s own. I got the phone from the paper.

Splendour: Your sure the lady is not his wife?
Patience: No I know his wife…

Chioma: My last relationship killed the little hope I had towards love... After staying away from men for 3yrs, I met him at my work place and we exchange numbers. I had already forgotten about him after that day, so oneday out he called and booked a dates with me, then the love story started about how he can't seem to get me out of his mind since he left my office. I asked what his intentions where and he swore that he really needed a companion and wanted to be careful in choosing one and after meeting me he felt at peace so he decided to come to me, then I poured out my heart as well to him about not wanting to get disappointed again and he PROMISED not to do that to me. I enquiry about his last relationship and he said the lady left him for another man.

We kicked off the relationship and we were both happy, then three weeks later he disappeared, no calls, no message. I tried all I could to reach him but none worked out, I became scared thinking something must have happened to him. Two weeks later he calls one afternoon and asked that we see to explain what happened, we met and he said he was robbed of his office money on his way to deliver it for a project and when I asked how much was involved he said 6.7million. So he got arrested and was just released last night. That he is now under investigation. I comforted him but my instincts became suspicious of him.

The next day he called to ask for financial assistance because his bank account are all seized because of the investigation. I gave him the little I could at that time but decided to investigate him, I found everything was lies even his name was not his real name. He was a MARRIED man, and a newly one at that, he wedded just 2 months back. I was shattered with all the information I gathered about him.

Am sure you guys can imagine the end of this story. In fact am emotional now and don't want to cry this night. Now all I accept around me is friends with benefits and when I have saved enough money in my account and will get pregnant and have a baby to share my life with. Full stop. I have come to understand that marriage is not meant for everyone so it is not a crime not to be married. The goal now is to make good money and have the best of life on earth.


Habimbolu: My guy that we have been dating for 8years. When he was an ND holder I stayed with him through thick n thin. When I can count the number of short and shirt he had. Became a master degree holder. Then when we have fixed an introduction date... Got another lady pregnant, Pregnant!!!!! And she refused to abort it. I mean who will see an already made guy and won't go for him? I cried my eyes out
and I wanted to die. He didn't even tell me, within me I was preparing for our intro. I found out through facebook.

This guy went ahead with introduction with the lady. My guy didn't upload one picture .it was the lady that upload n tag him. That was how I found out, eventually they got married, this was the same guy I almost gave am Mum’s landed property documents to. So dear, I don't love a guy too much. When any guy walks up to me, I play on with him. In fact his actions make me punish other guys that comes my way. My 1kobo no dey enter Guy hand without me having the plan of taking 1k back. Splendour me I have zeroed my mind... One thing am grateful to God for is that been married or single does not qualify u for heaven.

U won't know how painful it is until u are in my shoes. I nearly couldn't walk on my street again. Because everyone knew about my introduction dates... In fact I had to leave my rented apartment to hide at my aunties place for more than 6months, because they already knew I was getting married.Until after 6months I went back to move my things out of the room. And guess what... They were asking after my husband. Because they assumed I was married all the while. I entered the room and wept bitterly. Imagine one guy in my area, he has asked me out twice on two different occasions without knowing its the same me, matured man claiming he is single. But the guy don't know I recognize him.

I also believe there are good guys out there... But abeg most of them are engaged.. No single guys out there... Please I stand to be corrected. Most of the guys here have one lady they have in mind to settle with, abeg no guy is single. Nah to snatch them from someone nii. Me am not saying I won't fall in love.. But maybe after am married then I will love him. Like I said.. I believe Good Guys are out there, but I have controlled my heart to focus on its primary assignment.. That is to pump blood into my heart and not fall in love.

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  1. Thats the episode of life, the first story isn't cool at all, dating a married man, anything that comes out of it isn't worth complaining about because sooner or later he's just gonna leave you.