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Monday, October 8, 2018

A Teenage Girl Who Ruined My Neighbor’s Relationship With Her Thieving Skills Has Ventured Into Doing Him More Damage, Should I Tell Him What Has Been Going On?


teenage ruined neighbours relationship

I live in a face-me-i-face-you compound in one of the suburbs in Abuja, there is this 17 year old Idoma girl living with her parents and siblings in a one room apartment in that compound.

Sometime in the beginning of this year I was in my room and I witnessed this girl enter a neighbour's room and stole his money. This guy left his room door open and left to fetch water in the next compound, then through my window I saw this girl enter into his room and quickly came out and ran straight to their apartment, I realized that she had done something unusual.

When the guy came back and started looking for his money, he came to ask me if I had picked any money from the ground, I suggested that he go back to where he had fetched water maybe he might have dropped it by mistake, he agreed but though he said he was very sure that he left the money on his table. When I left, I went straight to the girl and warned her to go back and drop the money which she stole before he gets back or else I will tell him she stole the money when he gets back, she returned the money.

Middle of the year, again I witnessed her stole from another neighbour's room. This guy came home one day with his fiancée and two of his friends that drove in from Ph. His room was so busy that day, so I observed this girl from my window, since this my neighbour's room is directly opposite mine, hovering around and monitoring their movements. So one of the guys decided to show the new engine he bought for his car, as all of them left the room to go inspect the engine outside, suddenly she entered the room and quickly came out clutching bundle of N1000 notes in her hand and ran into their apartment.

When they found out money was missing was the next day and my neighbour accused his fiancée and later the whole thing cost him his relationship. All this things going on I couldn’t tell her father who is a former police officer because I remember the last she did something little how her parents threw her and her belongings out, for one week she slept outside, and imagine telling them their daughter is a thief, all I did was to call her and give her some piece of advice hoping she could change.

This morning this same neighbour locked his door and forgot to remove the keys from the padlock and went to work, I witnessed this same girl came and removed the key from the padlock and went into their apartment, inside there she removed a spare key from the bunch and came back to drop the key on the ground. Now it’s obvious that this girl wants to rob this man when she gets the opportunity. This I going to be very damaging to the girl’s father since he’s not in good terms with this my neighbour.

So please what should I do, should I tell my neighbour or tell the girl’s father?

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