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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

What Makes A Woman A Wife Material? Hear Some Men’s Opinion

wife material

The topic of ‘wife material’ has been a trend in the relationship sector, on an interactive session conducted by our team, we got to interview a couple of men on their ideas of a ‘wife material’ and we got different views.

“Woman that can make decisions and have a mind of her own”; Some women are passive to a fault in making decisions on their own, they must rely on a man’s approval to do everything, decision making from career choice to even selecting her undies from a lingerie shop, she must always wait for a man to make a decision for her. Though there are big decision which you might need someone’s advice on making. A woman that has the gift of making decisions on her own is a ‘wife material.’

                                                                             …Moses, Kd

Any woman who has respect for parents, her elders and religious; When a woman is respectful especially to her parents, the man’s parents, elders and she is religious, then she is good for a wife material. When a woman does not respect her own parents how will she respect the man’s? She must be prayerful.
                                                                              …Kabiru, Abj

A wife must be able to bring something to the table”; gone are the days when men use to marry women out of shallow reasons; she’s pretty and can give me pretty children, she’s a good cook, she’s respectful, she’s not too extravagant, she’s from a good family background. Women are no longer meant only for the kitchen or other room purposes, a woman should be able to offer more than just giving a man children, great sex and more bills, the 21st century women are smartly equipped women that can add values to a man’s life than being more of a liability, such women attain political offices, have a functional business plan, and or are part of something big. She may not have a big job or a big business structure but she must be intellectually equipped.
                                                                             …Max, Garki

Someone who offers to pay her transportation bill whenever she visits”; or able to at some point pay for the bills on a date is a wife material. A woman should be willing to spend money whenever her man is in need of it.

                                                                             …Emeka, Nas

“A woman that attends church every Sunday and mid-week services”;Some women attend church but they still have horrible attitudes, they might attend churches but the church does not go through them. They might be a member of one of the churches’ function like the choir but yet still displaying some attitude worse than those who don’t attend at all.

                                                                             …Abel, Garki

“A woman should know when you are angry”;and know how to relate with you and how to calm you down. Some women can be very self-centered that she cannot notice when a man is angry, sometimes she might notice that he is angry and will still neglect him and always try to push her luck. This is one of the primary issues that brings quarrel between couples.

                                                                             …Sambuga, Mpape

“A wife material goes beyond all these things”;a wife material goes beyond knowing how to cook a great meal, or good in bed or can wash and clean the whole house like a machine, it goes beyond just being pretty or coming from a very good and wealthy background, it also goes beyond being religious. To me a wife material has to do with the individual, it is a woman who has a good heart, someone who understands, someone who can tolerate your mistakes and shortcomings, she is a woman of great value, and she sees the good in everybody and can bring out that good. Not a woman who can only hook up with wealthy or career men.

                                                                             …Femi, Wuse2

“A woman who is submissive”; a submissive woman is a woman who will have less trouble with her man; she is a woman who commits to her marriage and puts a lot of work into it. Any woman who cannot keep secrets especially of her marriage away from her friends and family is not a wife material; a little shortcomings and she goes out to broadcast to her relatives, and such things destroy marriages quicker than a cheat.

                                                                             …Aizeboje, Utako

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