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Saturday, August 10, 2019

Women Share Their Opinion On What They Need In A Man As A Husband Material

women opinion on husband material

We have treated the topic about what makes a woman a wife material, and we have seen many responses from men about their opinion of a wife material, the responses were intense. Read the post here

The purpose of this topic is to help develop people's mind on the ideas of marriages, we are also forming study from the topic to understand what individuals want from marriages.

Now we want to hear from ladies about husband material..

As a man, you certainly shouldn’t care what "women" believe is a husband material....and should instead aim to be your best as a caring respectful responsible man at all times. if your best aint good enough for the women you associate in your life then i suggest you change environment to meet proper women.... but NEVER try to change who you are to please/attract these unfit incompatible women.

                                                                   …Mr Brown(m)/ UK

Commitment to marriage and family.
A man that stands as a man ALWAYS. . . . Till he has exhausted the last options putting his family FIRST!
Always making his family proud with his hard work.
                                                                   …Kanwulia(f)/ Abj

What makes a MAN is a MAN who has integrity and you can stand on his word. Not afraid to take decisions after deep thought and knows how to provide and plan financially for his family. A MAN is someone who understands how far reaching his bad behavior can be. A HUSBAND is a MAN who is all these things, but also makes a conscious decision to be a good husband and father to the woman he has CHOSEN to be his wife and, to the children that union will bring forth.

What makes a man a husband material
Ability to protect, his marriage from the preying eyes, ability to face his responsibility as a husband and father to his children, ability to put is family interest first before any other thing. Lastly he must have the strength to provide, protect and preserve his family to stand the test of time considering the problems and challenges most families are experiencing.
                                                                   …Frozen70(f)/ Lagos

Husband material is someone who spends for his woman and takes her for shopping once a month. He must be sending money to her parents and siblings. I will rather say the truth than be a hypocrite.
Every lady is commenting nicely and sweet because December is coming .
Nobody wants to be evening newspapers.
                                                                   …Wilfredpat(f)/ Abuja

His character. How he understands. His reactions in certain sitations. how he behaves how he treats you, his family members and even outsiders. What does he understand about life, marriage, family, etc what has life thought him. You watch his reactions when he is angry even when he is happy.

                                                                   …Chioma(f)/ Enugu

Regular source of income, Maturity, Good apartment, Independent, And others…

Maturity, Maturity, Maturity, Good job or business, Fear of God, Kindness, Generosity, Good lover…
                                                                   …Sabina/ Santorini, Greece

Now that you have read this, please share your own ideas of a husband material here in the comment box


  1. what is sad is that some men out there would fall for these women and their narrow minded state of mind of ME ME ME! but most importantly, what else should we expect from broke hungry miserable women who cant even afford 3 square meals a day, possibly have nothing to offer a man (nor themselves) but coochie and tittays, and who live their lives hoping to wear Gucci and Louboutin shoes like the Kardashians?!

  2. You see it depends on the material and its thickness , For some people they prefer a very thick fabric while another may opt for a lighter ones.... quality matters a lot and texture .... but which ever material you are going for I'll suggest you feel it first and go for something that suites your colour... as for the yards it actually depends on your height and size!!!

    I hope I gave you a very comprehensive answer??

  3. To me, a husband material is an independent man, a man who knows how to make intelligent decisions, someone who is calm under pressure, hard working, treats people with civility, does not cling to his parent's apron string.

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