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Sunday, September 2, 2018

Does This Explain Women’s Materialistic Nature


african women materialistic nature

It has been argued that women are materialistic; some of them boldly embraced it while some merely shrugged it off as mere generalization. Some relationships have ended bitterly where the people involved feel used by one another, and it has been out one looking for what to benefit from the relationship.

A quick study shines light into this aspect, consider these comments made by real people during one of our on air telephone conversations with some of our guests;

I met this girl and we started dating  sometime in 2010, around 2014 I started getting remorse that she was getting married to another guy so I confronted her and she confirmed it, I gave her my blessings and she went on to marry the gentleman, then the husband had a ghastly motor accident that shocked me on my spine and he died. But she was pregnant at that time.
We hooked up again in 2015 but then she already has a son, now she is the one putting pressure on me to settle down with her, I asked her to give me 2 to 3 years for me to be ready before I can settle down but she is not accepting that.”
                                                                                                Itoro, Abj

Am guessing that she is the one that came back to you immediately your husband passed on. She came back to you probably because as it stands now, you are her plan B. That is why she is in a hurry to push you into marrying her before you realize it. If her hubby didn’t die she will have no reason to come back to you. My friend I think that she just needs a man who will take care of her and her child.

My relationship with my girlfriend is heading towards the cliff because I don’t understand what is going on with my girlfriend who I love so much and really planning to settle down with. Just 2 months ago I bought a new phone for her and not too long ago she told me that the phone has gotten lost. Some days back I sent her some money and she told me that the money got stolen from her on her way back from the ATM.”
                                                                                                Mic, Abj

This is really funny because your so called girlfriend is really dumb with her gimmicks to scam you, anything you give to her gets lost, that means when you marry her someday, things will also be getting lost or probably one day you too will get lost. My brother, run for your dear life…

Am really in love with this younger man that I am dating, we have been dating for a while now but the sad part is that he never takes me out or spends money on me. The relationship is already getting boring because of that, abeg na only love me go chop?
                                                                                                Vic, Abj

It depends on the agreement in which you both made before you started the relationship. In many relationships where a younger guy is dating an older lady there are sometimes an agreement or an understanding between the partners, like that the guy would not be spending much on the lady. If the relationship is getting boring you might want to talk to the young man about it, but if you have the power to revive the relationship from its boredom, why don’t you go ahead and do it. This your phrase “abeg na only love me go chop?” is that the basis of the relationship? Is that why you are dating him?

I toasted this girl two years ago and she said no, so I moved on and now I have a girlfriend. But this girl I toasted 2 years ago came back and she is really pushing, trying to replace my girlfriend, I don’t know what her intentions are and it gets me worried, what could be her reasons for coming back to me after so much time?
                                                                                                Sim, Abj

Am sure she has a reason for coming back but trust me it is not a good one. It’s either she realizes you have grown financially over the years and choses to come back or she has been rejected by the guy whom she thought that she was going to end up with, but either ways it’s no good reason for you to accept her back. She better stick to her ‘NO’ because you have a girlfriend now.

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