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Saturday, August 4, 2018

The Life Of An Ideal Woman

 life of an ideal woman
An ideal woman is a smart woman that knows how powerful she is so she invests in caring for her man in her life genuinely.

She is a woman who doesn’t flow with the crowd mentality that women are only to be helped by men, she is a man’s jackpot. She may not necessarily be wealthy but she is contributing immensely to something she is committed to. An ideal man identifies her immediately.

An ideal woman knows her worth, she doesn’t go around social media just boasting about her self-worth, she lives it. She is a global resource without limits.

She submits to her man’s leadership and does not protest against it.

She is not moved by a man’s wealth, she accepts him because he has values.

She is a woman that commits to putting her home together and not destroying it.

She is a woman of faith, prayerful and patient, any time she goes on her knees heavens shake on her behalf. She prays every day for her man.
She is a woman of class; she always knows how to make her man happy.

She is a humble woman despite her status, background, position, financial status etc, she never allows it to get into the way of her relationship.

She is the queen of her territory, you can always find her touch all over her man.

She is a mother, wife and best friend.

Her family come first, second and third to her.

She is a woman of action, a warrior, a lioness, a woman of high class, and yet she is humble and respectful.

She never discloses matters of her relationship for advice.

She always builds her man up and never forgets to crown him, she treats him like a king.

She listens more and talks less.

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