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Saturday, August 4, 2018

The Life Of The Ideal Man


live of an ideal man

He is a free thinker; he devotes his life into learning every day.
He is a successful man, he may not be wealthy but he is fulfilled.
He is not perfect, he admits his faults, takes corrections and quickly moves on.

He does not linger in the past, he only learns from there, he lives in the moments and looks forward for a better future.
He is a man who takes responsibility for his actions and blames no one for how his life is.

The ideal man knows what he wants and goes for it because he has a deep belief in his individuality.
He loves his woman and respects her opinion.
He is a confident man, his life is not a guess work and he doesn’t depend on anyone.

He doesn’t try to control or manipulate his woman, his actions will tell how much he respects the relationship.
He does not take people’s opinion about him to heart; his self-worth comes from within.

He is not a man that always utilize opportunities to just take advantage of the moment, he is the man that creates the opportunity and takes advantage of the moment.
He provides for the family.

He never takes advantage of a woman’s weakness, he builds confidence around his woman.
He is never intimidated by a woman’s success or have double standards, his standard is precise.

He is a leader and not a boss; he leads by example and not by dictation.
He is a good father, husband, brother, friend and he cherishes every moment spent together.

He always has his woman at heart even when they are world apart, he treats her with the same respect as when together.

He is never afraid of bad situations; he knows that it only shapes him.
He is very selfish when it comes to matter that brings happiness in his relationship and doesn’t compromise.

Last but not the least, he is a prayerful man…

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