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Thursday, August 2, 2018

My Husband Was Divorced But Still A Virgin At 53 When I Married Him


my husband was a virgin till 53

Dear Hplus Community,

Greetings, my name is V, and I reside in Abuja. I was introduced to my man by his eldest brother when he was 57 years old, and I too was 42 and I was in the category of the “Single and seriously searching” (SSS). 

His brother came to me and told me that he wanted me to marry his brother who has married three times and yet the wives would leave him despite all his wealth. Not that he’s a wicked man, neither does he lay a hand on them, nor him being stingy or petty.

I asked why and he told me that his brother has a problem, he grew up to be urgeless. Not that he was gay but he was raised in a catholic school and straight to seminary school, he had never seen a woman’s nekydness before and had no idea how having sex felt like. When he later couldn’t make it to becoming a priest he went straight into business, he put down all those discipline he learnt from catholic community into his business and became so wealthy, but he had no urge in women because he never developed any feeling for them.

He became the first to see the light in their family so he helped his other siblings out both younger and older but unfortunately they all married before him and bared children except him and yet he was never bothered by any of that, therapy sessions could not work. All the inexperienced and shy wives that he married could not successfully seduce him in bed because he was never turned on by their nekydness, they have tried all of their options but all failed.

I became their final hope, they told me to add a little bit of force in bed and make him to cum for once so he could see how sweet sex is and make him propose to me.

I accepted, so they booked a hotel suite for me and my guy for a night and we went in for the play. Immediately I undressed to my birthday suit and into my sexy nighties, then the local wanted to sleep on his thick jeans and his tight belt on, but I strongly insisted he take it off and his t-shirt also.

He managed to take them off and we pretended to be watching tv for over 30 minutes but my man was so focused on his Aljazeera channel, so I made a move started caressing his dick, sucking his nipples and all. At first he seemed not interested, pushing me off but I persevered because I felt this maybe my last opportunity of getting married and to this wealthy man at that, I was even eager to rape him if he didn’t comply, after all we are adults.

I continued romancing him until he became relaxed and his d**k was getting stronger, that was when I realizes that I have already entered him. I went ahead to give him a head and I could see the confusion in his eyes, it was like he was just a baby looking for his mother. I proceeded to mounting him, it wasn’t really easy mounting him but I fought for it.

I bashed him to the point when he was about to release sperm, he screamed that he wanted to pee that I should come down, it appears that he couldn’t really differentiate between when he was about to cum and when he wanted to urinate, so I refused and asked him to pee inside me, He pushed me off and as he struggled to get off the bed but couldn’t make it off the bed quickly, he released everything on the bed. All my sex life I have never ever seen so much cum from just one man, it was all over the sheet like a river of semen.

I sensed guilt all over him, he couldn’t believe what he just did but that was his first time to ever discharge semen in his life, he couldn’t fathom the sweet sensation that comes with it. So I removed the bed sheet and changed it with a clean one, after a while he slept off and for eleven straight hours he slept like a baby.

The next morning he woke up so hungry as a result of last night’s escapade and we ordered food, then he demanded for more sex, I refused and told him that he can have it as much as he wants after he has paid my bride price, so he said to me that he can facilitate our marriage in about a week time.

Damn! That was really fast, I accepted but I advised him to make the preparations in a month rather than a week, because it looks suspicious before his brothers will think that I have casted a spell on him.

We are now happily married with 3 kids and my husband is the kindest man I have ever met, he gives me anything I want and he doesn’t go after other women. I give him different sex styles every day and that makes him go crazy, he rushes back home for it every day and I kind of love it too…

Wow! What a story…

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  1. Lol, there are men like that? Who hasn't doesn't know how having sex with women feels like ?