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Friday, August 17, 2018

“In My Next Life I Must Come As A Rich Man, Even Rich Women Are Still Under Suppression” - Lady Cries Out


my next life i must become a rich man

During a counseling session between H Plus and a lady known as Chi, she revealed that she would very much like to come back to her next life as a wealthy man.

According to the lady, she said that being a female is really hard, as long as you are female, whether single, married, divorced, young, old, single mom, independent, rich or broke, your opinions are been limited and are directly or indirectly made for you by someone else.

In her words;

“Over the years women have been abused, trampled upon, stigmatized even by their fellow women and it has all been the norm of the society, been disguised under the word ‘culture’. Even a verse in the bible that degrades women, and it got me wondering if God really hates women. Isaiah 4:1 among other verses says;

“And seven women shall take hold to one man in that day, saying we will eat our own food and wear our own clothes, only let us be called by your name, take away our shame

“Women’s choices in life have always been restricted by culture, morals religion, which have subjected them to be passively submissive to men. Every decision a lady makes in her life, it must not affect her dreams of getting married to a man in the future or else she remains lonely for the rest of her life because in the society, a woman’s ultimate goal is to get married to a man and give him children.”

“When a lady is getting older and still single, no matter how wealthy she is, she will never be taken seriously. When she tries to be mean she will be tagged as being frustrated in life because she couldn’t find a husband.” The stigma against being a single woman in Nigeria is disgraceful, people treat you with disrespect, and everything you have must come from a secret man/runs. Single women sometimes battle to rent a home because people assume they will eventually turn their houses into a haven for sugar daddies”

“A man will cheat all he wants in his marriage and still come out to boast of being a good husband and it will be ok, but when a woman does the same just once, even when the man managed to forgive her she will never have a say in the marriage any more. I mean it’s not like women too don’t get tired of having sex with just one man for the rest of her life, deep down she too wants to try someone new.” She complained.

“No matter what feminists try to accomplish in gender equality, women will never stop being subjects to men. The best thing to be on earth right now is to be a wealthy man because he can do whatever he likes and whenever he wants and still be glorified. But a woman on the other hand has a suppressed option and yet will still be stigmatized. I think in my next life I must come to this world a rich man”

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