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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

"I'm In Big Mess, Please Advice Me On What To Do" - Young


Good day to all H Plus Community

About a year ago I met a 26 years old girl on Facebook who lost her younger brother (their last born), she's single and have no guy around to talk to her so I decided to be closer to her we exchanged numbers and keep calling each other (she call most of the time whenever she needs someone to talk with).

We became best of friends and things was going smoothly (mean while my serious babe {wife} was pregnant carrying my baby and I became a father few months after meeting this girl who lost her younger brother), we shared our secrets with each other and all of that, she told me she was raped at 18, she lost her virginity to someone she don't even know and for that she swear never to fall in love again.

But few months ago things started changing, I can't stand her being just friends so I decided to pour out my heart and feelings for her, she couldn't say no for reasons best known to her. She introduced me to her mom, dad, sister and brother, seems our love keeps growing each day.

We broke up two weeks ago due to some reasons, but I got the shock of my life today when I find out she's pregnant, I'm so confused right now, abortion is not an option as she said she can't abort her first child. Please what do I do now, I can't tell my woman who's with me at home. Please help me out.
                                                                             Young, Lg

Dear Young,

Do not panic, continue to watch her don't even give her advice on what to do after all she knew you were married. Nothing is new under the earth she can keep the baby.


  1. *Smiles. I only came here to mock You.

    Suffer Your suffer alone. You deserve it.

    Useless cheat. Facebook friend kor, WhatsApp foe ni.

    My only advice, I just feel sorry for Your wife. So, please don't commit suicide. I'm out!

  2. Maryy them. Happy polygamous life. Carry on

  3. Smh...

    If abortion isn't an option, what else do you want us to tell you than to have a wife and a baby mama.


    You can kill her and go to jail. This way, you would avoid both of them.


    You feel the pains of 3hrs forever...

    Because na your type dey last 3hrs for bed