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Friday, June 15, 2018

Chronicles: Until I Won N43m From Bet9ja My Girlfriend Who Never Showed Interest Started Telling Everyone How She Took Care Of My Needs


Dear H Plus Community,

Back in 2015 I was running up and down submitting proposals for partnership with my project, she caught my eyes with her perfect shape as she was walking forward to board the same taxi that I was in as it appears we were headed the same direction. Her tight jeggins packaged her thighs and hips in a way I could only imagine my girl to be, Joy has the kind of shape that you can mostly achieve through constructive surgeries, but her was natural.

She sat close to me so I never wasted time, I started chatting with her all the way to where she dropped so I never forgot to get her phone number. It looked like the beginning was promising because I could see how the relationship was moving smoothly. We lived at same area but to visit her it would cost me two hundred naira bike to and fro, she has never been to my house because she refused to visit, instead I was the one doing the visiting and not to house but rather we will hang out at a sit out bar close to her house.

Not all the time that Joy wanted to see me, sometimes she would never pick my calls for months but when I tried to enquire she would say has been busy, she had never for one day called my phone either so I took a wide guess that she may not be so interested in me because she has already rated me as broke. I was so patient with her until last year 2017 when I decided to move closer to her house hoping that this might help the relationship, my house was now a five minutes trek to hers but yet she would find it difficult to even make out the time to see me, this made me got tired of the relationship and I stopped calling her.

I had already forgotten about her and her phone contact was no longer in my phone, until New Year’s Eve 2017 she called me that night, it was her voice that I used to recognize her, she told me that she was coming from Winner’s church that night that was beside my house and asked me where I was, I told her that I had already traveled for the season. This made me to remember Joy that I had already forgotten, so from that moment on I started calling her number again. When I came back from travel we hooked up again.

The first time she ever came visiting me at my house I noticed that she was struggling with how poorly furnished my house was, when she managed to come the second time I made sure I had sex with her so as not to have blown my chance, the third time she didn’t even stay longer, and that was the last time she ever visited, and our drama of whether she should visit or not continued again, I rather be the one visiting so later we started losing interest again.

I am a gambler but not addicted, after series of trials hoping to win a jackpot was unsuccessful. Just last week I won N43,752,730.69 from bet9ja and she was made aware of it, she knew she couldn’t contact me directly because it will make her look as if she was after my money, so she tried to gain my attention indirectly by spreading rumours of how she was taking care of me when I was in needs and feeding me any time I came to her house. I never gave attention to such rumours because I knew it was her handiwork to get me to start looking for her again which I vowed that I would never do now that God has blessed me.

                                                                             Diddy, Mpa…

Dear Diddy,

Congratulations on your winning. Some people might not be very happy with this your success, I hope with this money you have made from gambling you would sincerely retire from it and invest the wisely. About the girl, focus on your success first and girls will follow later.

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  1. Sounds like the girl was never interested in you, If she likes let her spread rumours that she brought you from your village, Just move on with your life and your money cos your life has already changed.