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Thursday, June 7, 2018

Chronicles: My Two Girlfriends Slept With My Best Friends, And How I Later Had My Revenge


Dear Admin,

I was in love with Christiana and was already planning to settle down with her immediately I finished a project I had at hand, we have been in relationship for 2 years. She was a popular girl in my street so everyone knew that she was my fiancée.

I found her her first job at a gym owned by my friend called Charles, after she complained of being tired of staying at home, saying she undergo series of temptations everyday staying at home, she claimed that her neighbor who was a medical doctor would come back from work at the middle of the day when everyone living in the compound is at work including her parents, he would be making sexual advances towards her.

A friend of mine Felix called me one day and told me that his next door neighbor called Jay who was also my close friend was sleeping with my girlfriend Christiana and that this has been going on for a while. Jay is a friend that I do visit together with my girlfriend, I also knew Jay’s girlfriend, and she knows my girlfriend, we all knew each other because we all used to hang out together. Felix told me that he was sure Jay was having sex with my girlfriend Christiana every time she came to his house because he could hear them moaning during a sex session any time she visited him.

That information really devastated me which I resulted to drinking and smoking heavily that night. At the bar where I was drinking, I met another friend who knew about this and I asked him why he knew that my girlfriend was cheating on me with my best friend but yet he couldn’t share it with me despite him being my friend. His answer was that he was trying to avoid serious trouble with my friend, and judging by our closeness he said I might have ended up murdering him.

I got home that night around 8 pm, I called Christiana on phone and asked her to come over to my house. I wanted to confront her that night to know if she will deny it. She told me she was in her kitchen preparing meal for her parent and wouldn’t be able to leave the house that night. So I decided to visit my friend Jay not to confront him but to say hi to him, as I got there I saw Christiana who just told me she was at home cooking for her parents, she was already there lying on his bed while Jay was eating with his own girlfriend Amaka who doesn’t know that her boyfriend Jay and Christiana my girlfriend were secretly having sex behind our backs. Amaka might think there was nothing going on between the two because she already knew Christiana was my girlfriend and Jay was my close friend so my guess was that she met Christiana at Jay’s house when she came unannounced and never bothered to question her presence.

As I entered his apartment, Jay and Christiana thought that all hell would break loose but I handled the situation maturely, I had already confirmed what Felix was telling me. I just greeted my friend and his girlfriend and asked Christiana if that’s where she was preparing the meal for her parents, then I left. To me it was already the end of that relationship with Christiana but it was never the end of the friendship with Jay.

When Christiana called me on the phone she seemed to have left Jay’s house, she tried to cover up with lies but I told her that I have already confirmed what someone told me that she has been going to my friend’s house to sleep with him. She vowed to tell me how it all happened when she come to my house in the morning.

As early as 6am that morning, Christiana was already at my house and she started narrating how everything went down between her and Jay and in the process uncovered more secrets that she has concealed from me. In her story it appeared that during the time she was working at my friend’s gym, Charles, he forced himself into her but she never told me about it, instead she took it to Jay and told him. Her excuse was that I might end up killing my friend Charles, so she preferred telling Jay and that was how her adventures with Jay began behind my back claiming that Jay has always been making advances on her before then. She went further to show him her panties that he tore during the process of being raped by Charles. As a result of that that was how I ended the relationship with Christiana, but I never ended my friendship with Jay but this time it was with caution.

A year later I was living in another city, I had the same encounter with another friend, but then I had learnt from my past experience. My girlfriend then named Fina that visited me regularly; I didn’t think it would be my neighbor friend Gabriel who would betray me this time. One day Fina visited me unannounced but I wasn’t around and my phone was down, Gabriel offered her to wait for me in his room till I get back but before I got home he has already slept with her and but I didn’t find out. Few weeks later when Gabriel noticed she still visits me, he came to me and advised that I should leave Fina because she was too cheap. I wondered how he realized that, I asked him why he said so but he summoned the courage to tell me that he had already slept with her, he narrated how it happened and we both laughed about it, but deep down it felt like another knife at the back. Of course I also ended that relationship with Fina.

Fina continued frequenting Gabriel’s place but she was doing it secretly so that I don’t find out, one day Gabriel to my room boasting of how he just finished a round of sex with Fina, he told me that she is in his room as he speaks, I went to his room but she hid behind door so I will n not see he. I advised her to stop hiding from me because I had nothing to do with her any more.

***Now my revenge!***

Gabriel had a pretty girlfriend Kc who he was in a serious relationship with, one early morning she came to his house but already had many places to visit that day so he asked her to wait till he gets back. I took the opportunity and went to his room. I met pretty Kc on his bed with wrapper round her chest, I began to shower her with complements and she smiling, from complements to playing with her, and from play to fore play and from there I was ready to take my own revenge. I rocked Kc’s honey pot on Gabriel’s bed like life depended on it because while I was in sex session with her thoughts of the betrayals of the two ladies in my life lingered in my mind. That thought made my performance so great that Kc gave me some accolades, she wished that her boyfriend could gbensh her the ways I did.

From then on anytime Kc visited Gabriel, she would always wait behind until she finds the chance to sneak into my room for some good sex. One day Gabriel discovered this so he confronted me, I told him that we can now call it even cos it’s a draw game, I also boasted to him the same way he boasted to me how Kc wished he gbenshed her the way I did. This made him furious and he had series of quarrels with her, later she left him. But Kc never stopped visiting me but was never secretly like Fina did because she was more mature and experienced than Fina. The relationship continued for 6 months until I moved to Abuja.

This is how women will be jumping from man to man and still be forming….

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