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Friday, June 8, 2018

Chronicles: How I Helped My Friend Who Is King Of Baby Mamas To Settle Down, Now Am Being Terrorized About It


Hi Hplus,

Make una come follow me see wahala oh!  I have stopped being a fan of interfering in people’s love life by trying to settle a quarrel between a couple, but it seems like the one quarrel that I did settle in the past is now hunting me till this present day.

There was this my former course mate back in our university days who later became my friend after our graduation, he never stopped having series of baby mamas up and down, infact he would have merited the tittle ‘king of baby mamas’ if it were to name by a person by his achievements, he sticks his raw manhood into anything that has skirt on, not minding the age, level, beauty or size without bother. Worst part of the whole this is that he is over 40 and refused to settle down with any of his baby mamas, but it seems he enjoys taking care of them. I have tried to advise him couple of times but we always end up in quarrels.

His parents got really frustrated over his reckless living, so since they cannot convince him they shifted the blame on me, that as a friend I am supposed to be advising my friend since I am the only person he listens to, so if I fail to convince him them am not a good friend. Make una follow me see wahala oh! Come to think of it he is more than 8 years older than I am, so why do I have to take the blame of  the choice that a full grown man has decided to make?

One day as we were strolling together, on the way we met one village girl that I used to know him back in the day, to my surprise she was pregnant, so I tried to enquire if she was married and why didn’t invite me to her marriage but she only told me that should ask my friend. I already understood what she meant so I never bothered to ask further. Later that day I went to her house and asked her again whose pregnancy she was carrying and she now told me that it was my friend’s. Choi! This guy no dey hear word o. I asked her how she could be pregnant for a man and still not living with the man, I advised her to pack her things that night and go and live with him, if she fails to move in with him now he will still go and get another woman pregnant and she might find the chance to move in with him while you are still here. Since he wants his freedom so that he can be running around and getting women pregnant up and down then it would be better if she goes live with him and tie him down.

She heeded to my advice and moved to his house that night, but quarrel ensured between him and her. He was trying to drive her away but she stood her grounds in her baby’s daddy house. When his parents heard about this, they refused to accept her because they hated her, they said that she will kill their son for them. They blamed me again for advising her to move into his house, that the girl is too local, this and that… I asked them if there son was blind and didn’t realize she was local when he was sticking his manhood into her, why do they always have to blame me for their son’s stupidity? Someone who is old enough to be my uncle. I asked them to allow the girl be, since it was their wish for their son to settle down by all means and this may be the opportunity they were looking for him to settle down and might never have again, which might also make him stop his reckless life of fathering babies with different women up and down.

When they finally started living together, they lived like cat and rat, no day that goes by that I will not receive calls that the both of them were fighting and the woman bit him on the arm or she locked him out of the house. That was how I became a couple counsel o, every day they will call me to come and separate physical fight or settle quarrel between the two of them. I had to move out of town because of them because I grew tired of them; his family kept blaming me for the situation in his home.

Just as I thought that I have escaped their matter, yesterday the girl called me saying that my friend accused her of sleeping with me and she was pregnant my baby and not his, and I conspired with her to pin the pregnancy on him. So I should come and defend myself o! I should come and tell them when I slept with her talkess of getting her pregnant. Omo this one na wahala + gbege = Madness. I wasn’t angry when I heard this because this was part of my mistake. I shouldn’t have involved myself with them if not for the pressure his family was mounting on me to advice their son to get married.

                                                                             K, Ph….

Dear K
That was a terrible mistake, you shouldn’t have asked the girl to move in with your friend, because if anything they will never stop bringing you into their matter, both the couple and your friend’s family.

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