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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Chronicles: Oricha Used False Pregnancy Alert To Trap Me Into Marrying Her, Now She’s The Worst Evil I Have Never Met.



Hi Splendour,

Oricha is a girl I met on social media in 2013 when she was still a youth corper serving here in Abuja. When I met her in person I liked her immediately because she had a very sexy body in fact, it was her back side that got most of my attention because she has it in abundance.

You see back then still struggling trying to make ends meet. I was working with a bottled water distribution company so I was entitled to a van, yet when I was done for the day I will pick her up from where she worked and we will spend what’s left of the day together.

Towards the end of her youth service months, one day Oricha came to me and told me she was pregnant for me, I was surprised because I only slept with her once and with a condom, I considered the possibility of getting her pregnant with a condom, so I spoke with a pharmacist and he confirmed there is a possibility.

It wasn’t my plan to get her pregnant neither did I thought of marrying her, am Yoruba while she’s Egbira from Kogi state. I told her to get rid of the pregnancy but she refused claiming that in their culture any woman who aborts a baby dies. She has started mounting pressure on me asking me to come and see her parents and do something about her situation because she will not give birth to a bastard. As foolish as I was I never bothered to take her for a CT scan to confirm if she was truly pregnant to begin with talk less of the child being mine. Later I accepted to marry her, I took her to my parent and told them that she was already pregnant with my child and I intended marrying her and I went to see her people to make all the preparations for the marriage.

Just when the marriage was almost set to take place in the following day I received the greatest shocker of my life. Oricha came to tell me that she lied about the pregnancy; I became so disappointed with myself. She pleaded with me and told me not to tell anyone and that her reason for doing such thing was that she wanted to get married to me because she loved me and couldn’t afford to miss me, and promised to love me more. I am sure that if my parents ever heard about this and the marriage will be over. I was touched with those words so I accepted and helped her keep her secret.

To help her conceal her secrets, a months after our wedding I called my parents to tell them that my wife has lost the pregnancy. Then later her attitude began to change, just when you feel like you have just helped you woman out hoping that she owes it to you to pay you back with goodness, but she becomes an evil who you feel that is on a mission to eliminate your life.

Oricha became the kind of woman who will attack me in front of our neighbors, she will be shouting holding me on my trouser abusing me calling me useless man, causing a scene. One day when am going to work in the morning about to enter the car, she ran outside half naked to block me from entering the car telling me that the money I gave her to make her hair wasn’t complete and insisted I must give her the money complete. She does nothing but to sit in the house, go to salon to make her hair every week. Everyone living in that street will hear her voice shouting at me everyday.

One weekend she was cooking, she came to tell me that the gas has finished and I had no cash with me that weekend so I asked her to use part of the money I gave her for her hair to purchase gas that I will pay her back when I go to ATM. She started shouting and abusing me again, I just quietly took the gas cylinder and put it inside the car and drove to ATM to collect money and fill the gas.

Sometimes it will look like she is been possessed because despite all the insults and scenes I receive from her, I still send money to her mother without she or her daughter even asking, her mum will call her and ask her to thank me and she will be surprised and she will say that even after all she had done to me and I was still being good to her parents. But shortly after that she continues with her usual attitude. She hasn’t given me any child since our marriage and am beginning to wonder if she can bare a child. I always find it difficult to come home because of he so I started keeping a girlfriend whom gives me comfort anytime I needed it. I started having fun that I found peace outside my home but when I get home it become a war zone

One faithful day the nagging was so intense that I couldn’t take it anymore, I asked her to leave my house; the whole area gathered to watch me and Oricha that day. I never thought marriage will be this rough, where did I go any wrong by marrying Oricha? I have tried taking her for marriage counseling many times but she isn’t interested.

Sometimes it becomes clear to me that she was sent on a mission to ruin my life. Am so tired of her and I need her out of my life Please what can I do?
                                                                                      Ayo, Abuja……

Please anyone with a useful advice can share with Mr. Ayo…

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