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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Chronicles: I Gave Birth To A Cute Baby Boy, Now Am Afraid That My Husband Is Soon To Find Out Whose Child It Is.



Dear H Plus Community,

I have a story that burdens my heart anytime I think about it. You can call me CJ, for the sake of not revealing my identity. Please no one should judge my case I just want you to share my story and get a good tip on how to go about it.

I got married Easter of last year to my husband after my ex that I was dating back then could not raise enough money to pay my bride price, you see my ex and I loved each other very much and we were inseparable. We had been through a lot together for the past 2 years we dated and like they say ‘situation qualifies a man’, he was everything I needed in a man, but the problem was that money wasn’t coming yet and time was no longer smiling at me.

Of course I began to receive pressure from my relatives and society asking me to look for another man and settle down because I wasn’t getting any younger, I received this pressure every day and everywhere I went that it made me to become so desperate. You see, my ex was really talking about marriage and was serious about us settling down but he had no steady income. He is a graduate and self-employed but his job does not come steady, but my husband is not a graduate and has handwork.

I met my husband just a month before he paid my bride price, he had to rush the marriage because he knew about much in love I was into with my boyfriend, because he was jealous of him and furious any time I mentioned his name in a conversation. My husband turned out to be a hot tempered person which I never saw in the course of the one month dating journey I embarked with him.

My ex had a hard time accepting his fate but he was my best love, he showed me love in ways that I had never dreamed of but leaving him was the hardest thing that I had to face. I tried to make it up to him by sneaking to still have sex with him, we had raw sex like we used to have when were together.

One day my husband started suspecting that I might still be visiting my ex, he confronted me and I denied it at first, but he warns that the consequences of me lying will entail unavoidable disaster for me because the gods of their land strikes any woman who cheats on their husbands and still lie bla bla bla... It was at this point that I had to come clean, so I had a little fight with my husband that day so the rest became history. At some point I stopped seeing my ex and he also stopped calling me.

Few weeks later I discovered that I was pregnant and I was confused of whose child it was because after my marriage I only slept with my husband a few times because he doesn’t have much sex drive besides while he was treating himself of infertility for 2 months I was having a good time with my ex.

My son is just a month old and looks nothing like his father, I guess time will soon make it obvious of whose father it is, my husband or my ex. I still love my ex but am afraid that he is no longer in contact with me and I doubt if he ever still wants me back. Please what’s your advice on this?

                                                                             CJ, Nas….

Dear Cj,

Please put your life together, you should be focused on your husband not your ex, my advice to you is to move on. I pray the baby belongs to your husband but if it does not, its going to cause issues in your marriage. Please focus on your husband.

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  1. I too say focus on your husband and not your ex