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Thursday, March 8, 2018

The Wrong Ideas Women Have On Men That Have Been So Detrimental To Our Societies


Society says that a real single man tries to "get" with as many women as he possibly can. If a man practices abstinence, society labels him as gay or something must be wrong with him. I can personally say that I suffered a lot of ridicule while growing up due to practicing abstinence.

One might expect that the mocking came from guys. But I would say that 95% of the ridiculing came from females. They would make joke after joke and often said I was not a real man. A poll was recently taken and women were asked if they wanted to marry a virgin or a man who is sexually experienced. Well over 50% of the women answered that they wanted the experienced man.

Then again it is obnoxious and cruel to expect a man to be financially buoyant simply because he’s a man is just as offensive as expecting a woman to cook and clean simply because she’s a woman. Not every man has deep pockets.

Feminists can’t yearn for gender equality and yet expect men to be wealthy because they are men, especially if you as a woman don’t even have your own money.

If you don’t want the validity of your womanhood to be evaluated based on your domestic prowess, then stop devaluing men for being broke. Everyone is on their personal journey, he will get there when he gets there.

If you don’t want to date a man without money, it’s your choice, but don’t shame him because of his financial status, it is cruel. Some women shame men for being in the exact same financial position as them.

It’s not that men do not see all these and choose to remain silent, but men have been programmed as robots right from their tender age not to complain.

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