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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Chronicles Of An Ex-Beauty Queen


My father works with police and he has always been transferred from state to state, so I lived most of my childhood days moving from one state to another with my parents and siblings. We finally settled in Port-Harcourt, Rivers state.

I was still in my third year at the University when I met Kc, then he approached me while I was strolling with a male casual friend who was at that time chasing me. Kc confidence was so overwhelming, and his technique was fierce, he seemed to be one of those alpha males that can turn a strong lady into a melting ice.

Kc does all kinds of entertainment business for a living, he organizes musical shows, parties beauty pageants and anything of the sort. At the point when he approached me he talked about me being part of his upcoming beauty pageant, we exchanged contacts and then he drove off.
From then he started inviting me to so many of his programs, sometimes he would request for me to invite some of my pretty female friends to serve as ushers, asoebis, participants etc to his events. I even contested in one of his pageants.

Later we started dating, story short, I realized that he was sleeping with all the girls he uses for his events, including the ones I invited for him. But then I realized I was already pregnant for him. We had a fight and he asked me to get rid of the pregnancy, I took it as an option because he was not ready to be a father yet as he was still enjoying his life.
At the pharmacy the nurse advised me to keep the child despite knowing the kind of man the father seemed to be. I heeded to the nurse’s advice and it paid off because he later came and paid my bride price on the 8th month of the pregnancy. I became a proud mother of a bouncing baby girl who I love more than anything in this world, all thanks to this nurse whom I heeded her advice.

 Now where the story gets worse is that he seems to be still recruiting young girls for his beauty pageants and the rest of the things which I am sure that he squashed them. He said it was in his talent to do entertainment and there’s nothing else he knows how to do best, so that’s what puts food on the table. Sometimes we would hang out and he would strategically ask me to help him go and approach a pretty lady sitting across, to tell her to be his contestant of his upcoming beauty pageant, sometimes he would say it’s for business and I wouldn’t have any option.

I love him cos he’s caring and also a good father to his daughter but he’s a strong womanizer. In some occasions when he will send me to go and collect a girl’s contact, I will have to beg the girl as woman-to-woman to try not to sleep with him cos he’s my husband. There was another time it became an issue between me and him and he stopped asking me to do the approaching. You see the kind of embarrassments he puts me through?
His closest cousin seemed to be calmer and everything good that he’s not and am beginning to have feelings for him. Am young and pretty and I don’t need this kind of life. Please admin I need your advice.

Whatever you seek from his cousin will never last but spell disaster to your marriage. Try having a dialogue with him any single time you find the opportunity to but never flood him or nag him with questions. Just do it with love, be very patient and put the rest in prayers to God and one day He will answer your prayers. Good luck!

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