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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

HPlus Chronicles - My Friend’s Admirer Chose Me Over Her Because I Told Him the Truth, Now She Has Sworn Vengance.


Hi HPlus,

Ok before I share my story, I would like to say this; I have never been a fan of dating my friend’s friend or connecting my friend to anybody just in  the name of trying to hook somebody up.

My friend has always been so friendly with men because she finds her way easily around them, she is a jovial type and also the-never-a-dull-moment type. She has a bunch of friends and friend’s friends, most of them are guys.

I on the other hand am not so much of an outgoing type, am only friends with her because we live in the same crescent and we attend the same house cell fellowship, which was where I met her and we became close, like they say two unlike poles attract each other.

The problem with Kate was that she has a very high expectation from men, and she has been like that ever since her school days, so I heard. Dozens of men have come and gone in her life but yet she is not bothered, of course she has her ways around guys so she cares more about having a “one” than finding the one, she fantasizes about the idea of having that special someone. At least I have tried to talk her out of it but she wouldn’t hear me.

About 2 year ago a brother in our home cell fellowship started developing interest in her and she was at it as usual. You see, this fellow was no match for Kate as she would always think, because he was way out of what her ideal dream guy looks or sounds like, he was not tall, he also stammered and he wasn’t rich. I have seen dudes better than this one trying to date Kate but never succeeded.

There were times when this guy would ask me to help him talk to Kate and I will talk to her but she would never yield, until she started growing angry about hearing me talk about him. At that time she had this guy that always calls her from turkey which she has never met in person, but yet she claimed she was in love with him.

One day he called me and I just told him to move on, that Kate will never yield because she already has someone in her life, and that was the last time I spoke to or saw him again. Two months later I relocated to another side of the city. A year later we bumped into each other and we exchanged contacts, we talked and chatted on phone, and like they say the rest is history. He proposed……

On our wedding night Kate didn’t show up and I called her but she wasn’t answering. I woke up the next morning on my wedding day and saw a text message that Kate sent to me, the text reads;

Dear B,

Thanks a lot for stabbing me in the back; you could have told me you wanted him and not pretending to be madam mediator. I thought I had a friend but clearly what I see is a saboteur. It’s only a matter of time before karma reaches you and I assure you it will definitely reach you. Go on and enjoy the fruit of your labour, you should be proud of snatching my man.”

I got furious when I received this text on my wedding day and from my so-called friend. I mean what have I done wrong?

Never mind her, she is only a victim of her own circumstance. Just be careful of her at this point. It was better that she  even made her intentions known even before the wedding. Just go and enjoy your marriage. Congratulations……

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