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Sunday, February 11, 2018

How My Daughter Almost Fell Into The Hands Of A Yahoo Yahoo Suitor


A Nigerian man has revealed his ordeal in the hands of a fraudulent suitor seeking his daughter's hand in marriage. Hear his testimony;

Hi Hplus community,

My only daughter finished her youth service three years ago and started her white collar job in a ministry here in Abuja not quite long. My wife came to me one evening, she started telling me about a man that our daughter has been seeing for a while now and that he wanted to marry our daughter,
he lives in Lagos and works in Chevron and other detail she could spill. My first thought was that the guy is a scam, Chevron of all the places he could lie about?! At first I didn’t want to start having that kind of conversation with her, so I chatted with my daughter and asked her to invite this guy over to Abuja.

One day she brought this guy home and at the first moment I saw him I didn’t just like him, he looked so unreal. I had a little chat with him and I had suspicions about him, his phones will ring for minutes but he will never answer, it was clearly written on him. I later talked to my daughter and her mother that I don’t like anything about this man but my wife will defend him and my daughter says she knows him well. I decided to go further and enquire more about this man but it already seemed to both my daughter and my wife like I was trying to destroy my daughter’s life because he appears to have some to spend.

It wasn’t too long this guy came for introduction, and it was at that point that I was really bent to figure out who the guy really was. I started digging for some information about him, I work with the military so I have access to military and police information, so I sent some spies to do some findings on him there in Lagos. Finally when my spies concluded their investigations, I didn’t tell my wife and my daughter about my findings because they think I am being too paranoid about this matter.

 I told them that we are going to do an investigation on this guy but they are going to do the investigation by themselves, since am becoming paranoid on this issue. I cannot be alive to see my only daughter suffer in the hands of a man that doesn’t have a plan for his life or a future. I have told my daughter that she can choose a man that has a future over a man that doesn’t have anything real that he does, that everything that glitters isn’t gold, even if he works as a sewer and admits what he does that I am going to set both of them up. You know women with their long throat, she wants a ready-made type of guy who will sweep her off her feet and my wife her mother, was in this too.

I bought plane tickets for them to go to Lagos and enquire about this young man at his place of work. When they got to Lagos, they went to Chevron and there they asked about him, his name was searched throughout their data base but his name could not be found anywhere, it was at that point that my daughter collapsed and fainted. 20 minutes later when she eventually recovered she called her so called man on the phone, she asked him where he was and he replied he was in Lagos. He asked the same and she said she was also in Lagos she decided to surprise him so she came to his office and asked of him but he wasn’t there. At that point the guy was very furious on the phone and asked why she came without informing him, she should leave and come back on Thursday, then switched off his phone.

When my daughter and her mother came back, my advice started sinking into their minds, my daughter couldn’t believe what just happened but I told her to better believe it. I told my daughter that I am going to call him twice and if he ever answers my call then I must be a fool, I put a call across to him twice but the scam never answered.

Dear Sir, you made a very nice move to investigate him to that extent, so many crashed marriages have ended because of this reason, ladies want to marry the richest man and guys want a rich father’s daughter not even a rich lady herself because they can easily get to her father.
This is why we have a lot of broken marriages here in Abuja, a man or a woman will package themselves to fish for their bait. I have received reports where a fraudulent guy meets a fraudulent lady and the marriage doesn’t last up to 2 months.