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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Chronicles Of An Anonymous Poster


Hi Charley,

Please what is it with girls these days that none of them want to compromise on anything these days
or that they don’t want to leave their comfort just for the sake of their relationship? Does your article not mention somewhere that partners should be generous with each other but not necessarily in the financial sense? It says “if you notice that your partner takes and takes without giving, perhaps it’s time to find a new partner.

My Lawyer fiancée who I just had to end a relationship with just on Sunday really got me wondering if (I wouldn’t like to use the word ‘some’ but majority) of women these days are jokes. It really bothers me because all of friends have similar stories to tell about their encounters with either their exes, present girlfriends or even their wives. A friend of mine told me that to an extent, his marriage of 10 years with his wife started developing cracks the moment his wife opened her mouth to ask her husband what he has ever done for her. The same person she was asking what he has ever done for her, made everything possible to make that woman comfortable, not to mention he even had to buy her a car while he was still trekking, but yet she was never satisfied.

Anyways what made me end the relationship between me and my fiancée; I called her on Saturday lets hangout, she insisted that I take her to Dominic hotels in gwarimpa, a usual expensive spot where I normally take her to. You see, this period has not been so gentle with me because I am really broke. I had budgeted 5k for this date but if I have to take her to the Dominic hotels then the 5k wouldn’t even buy us much.

I live at Jabi while she lives in gwarimpa, but I suggested we meet at gwarimpa just to make movement easier for her despite she was mobile but I wasn’t due to my car has been parked for quite some time now, so I had to enter cab to gwarimpa. So I tried to persuade her to go with me to a place called corner shop at the same gwarimpa but she refused, tagging the place too local for her. She said we can go to any other place but corner shop, so I suggested few more places but she rejected all. At that point I started questioning myself how I got to this point with her, our relationship was 2 years old but yet I still seem not to know what I got myself into because it seemed quite strange to me. At a point she now said to me that it’s like we will have to reschedule that date for another time, I accepted so I went home.

I couldn’t settle in my mind why I cannot take my fiancée to a bar where I want until she suggests where she wants to be taken to. We had a quarrel over this on whatsapp and that’s how our relationship ended. Come to think of it this girl has never contributed anything in building our relationship, she accepts that she is a woman so it’s the man’s job to work on the relationship.

Dear Charley,
Communication in a relationship is very vital. Before going into a relationship or get to a point of engagement, you should have figured out each other. Yes in my post it says if you notice that your partner takes and takes without giving, perhaps it’s time to find a new partner.
If her ideology is that it’s the man’s job to work on the relationship by the time she turns 35 and still searching, maybe she would have learned it the hard way, but in the meantime, MOVE ON…...

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