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Monday, February 5, 2018

"The 31 Stupid Mistakes Women Do That Messes Up Their Relationship With Men!"


Too often women have been found responsible for the success or failure of their relationships with men. Unfortunately, most of the women guilty of committing these blunders are unaware of their roles in causing their own unhappiness or in their lack of success in their relationships.

This post is written for one purpose, to expose these mistakes and to proffer ways and means by which you can avoid messing up your relationship by your own actions.

31 Stupid Things Women Do That Mess Up Their Relationship.

Without wasting anymore time I would like to go to outline some 31 mistakes which too many women end up making and which tend to have a negative effect on the quality and success of their relationships. Some of these mistakes may seem apparent enough while some others may be less obvious. I would however like you to make no mistake of it. I will discuss them in brief so as not to take up all your time.

1.                 Making the first move: Men are supposed to come after women, they are supposed to show first intent, and they ar supposed to make the first move.
2.                 Loving men who don't love them: 
3.                 Trying to buy a man's love: True and lasting love is never for sale. The type of love that for sale is fleeting and unstable.
4.                 Rushing into S3x:
5.                 Failing to develop themselves: Some women sadly believe that all they have to do in life is to pray that they have a great shape, pretty face and that they get lucky and find a man who will marry them and get them pregnant. These days men want women who don't want to come into the relationship to take, they also want a woman who can give back to contribute some value into the relationship outside of the usual contributions of kids and more bills. These days men want women who can not only give love and bear him kids, they want a woman who can contribute intellectually, socially, emotionally and sometimes financially also.
6.                 Playing house with him: Never assume that a man will marry you if you move in and start living with him.
7.                 Holding onto a past relationship;
8.     Trying to trap a man by getting pregnant;
9.     Being over possessive;
10. Tryin to re-make a man; If you don't like the package, don't take it home. Don't ever get into a relationship with a man with expectation that you will somehow and someday be able to change him.
11. Becoming unnecessarily fussy and nagging;
12. Having a poor self-image;
13. Neglecting to dress properly;
14. Having an unhealthy or hostile approach towards men; Men are human and as such have feelings. Infact, it would appear that men are even more sensitive than women when it comes to certain issues. Some women complain of not having enough male suitors but the reason for this anomaly can easily be traced in the way and manner in which they relate with men in a hostile and impolite manner.
15. Becoming unresponsive to the needs of her man;
16. Failing to appreciate your man's efforts to please you;
17. Unfaithfulness
18. Having zero tolerance for your man's shortcomings;
19. Being unsupportive to their man's goals
20. Neglecting to take care of your man's sexual needs;
21. Criticizing him before his friends or in public;
22. Letting their career take priority over their husband or family;
23. Paying too much attention to the kids at the expense of nuturing your relationship with your man; This one applies mostly to single mothers searching for husband.
24. Unreasonable display of pride; A woman who truly wants to experience success in her relationship with her man whether it is on the level of dating or marriage will do well to put her pride in check. We already know that men have an ego problem so why try to compete with him in that area?
25. Allowing the maid to fill the position of the wife in the house;
26. Reluctance to submit to your man's leadership;
27. Failing to pray for the family;
28. Listening to hearsay;
29. Comparing her with other ladies men;
30. Making unreasonable demand on your man; Before or shortly after you decide to start dating a man you should have a healthy understanding of his capabilities. If you have taken adequate time to study him and have asked the right questions while you were both dating you should have a good idea of what your man's strength and weaknesses are.
31. Failing to see that a woman's physical beauty eventually fades with time;
I am going to tell you why there are lots of women who are of age out there but are not married. This is really not the only reason why there are so many unmarried women in their 40's and 50's but it's a very common one. When a girl get to the age of puberty and starts developing breasts and an attractive figure she is suddenly overridden and waves of male attention. This experience startles her because she is amazed at the amount of attention men now suddenly give her when she walks down the streets or into a room. Then it all gets into her head. Rightly most women decide to keep these guys at bay till they are ready to have a relationship. But the problem is that lots of women at this stage in their lives quickly buy into the misconception that it's easy to get a man because they are all eating out of her hand at that point in her life.

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