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Monday, July 15, 2019

Testimony Of Lady Who Recovered From A Mental State, Claims She Sees What She Believes Is A Ghost, It Drove Her Mad

 A lady known as Sally (real name withheld) who recently recovered from a mental state has testified how she got entangled with seeing images of ethereal beings which caused her the illness, she stated how it all began, how she got the moment that she believes changed her live forever. Exclusive to

testimony of lady

Red Car

Funny Pictures From A Funny Nation

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Your Boyfriend You Are Dating For The Past 5 Months Hasn’t Proposed? Ladies Only

Greetings beautiful ladies, today am going to be revealing some strong tactics which a woman can use to get her lover propose to her quick. If you have been dating him from the past 5 months to whenever, this strategy will make him do something very fast or help you know your stand in the relationship.

Friday, July 12, 2019

Any Man Who Denies Himself The Pleasure Of Having As Many Concubines As He Desires Is A Coward - Kaynkwo

Even God Himself will never be happy with man for settling for just one woman when he has more sexual urges to deal with, why settle for one woman when you can have as many women as you desire? This current society greatly influenced and partly crafted by women as part of the culture of civilization, has been a plot to blackmail the hell out men to settle with the “one man, one woman” policy.

CAN Is A Set Of Hypocrites, Charlatans And Self-Absorbed, Group I Have Ever Seen – Kaynkwo

An angry Nigerian known as Kaynkwo has come out to lambast the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) calling them hypocrites, charlatans and self-absorbed association. In his expression he said;

Ecumenical centre

Herdsmen Having Sex With Their Cattle Is Demonic; Stop Eating Beef From These Sacrilegious Animals

Dear southerners,

If you are still eating cow meat in this country, please stop eating it. It has been uncovered that these Fulani herdsmen actually have sex with their cattle and infect them with their demons.


Nigeria Has One Of The Highest Numbers Of Angry People Living In The Country - H Plus Reporters


According to a research carried out by H Plus Reporters, Nigeria is been reported to have the highest number of frustrated people living within. What makes people angry in Nigeria is deep-rooted in frustration and poverty, a white man once said that if you are an intelligent Nigerian living in Nigeria, it is best for you to get out of Nigeria to be successful because the country frustrates every effort of the people. That is somewhat true.

A Reverend Father Abused Me And My Younger Sister At Ages 14 And 12, Lady Narrates Her Story

A lady has come forward to narrate how she and her little sister was lured, abused and raped by a cleric as teenagers and how she was not believed every time she complained to her mother.

sexual abuse

Sunday, July 7, 2019

The North Is Backwards In Development; El Rufai Is An Arrogant Miscreant | Hplus Reporters

hplus community articles

El Rufai is a man that has been known to be confused ever since, a saboteur known with his ill will and hunger for more control. He is guiltier of the accusations that he laid on the northern leaders that he’s blaming for the backwardness in development in the northern region.

Monday, July 1, 2019

If You Marry A Feminist, You Are Investing Everything In A Rapidly Self-Destructive Marriage By Luscious Kaynkwo

I read about a post online about a 55 year old Canadian woman who was narrating how she got entangled with feminism activities for the past five and half decades, how she has been lonely and couldn’t get a life partner, over 50 years of bitterness from hypocritical movement and wasted prime spent on mundane ideology about being equal with men, it was at that age that it struck her that she had just been deceiving herself.

Monday, May 13, 2019

Tales Of A Suicidal 1

h plus tales of a suicidal

I want to thank you for the amazing work you have been doing with your blog since 2016, so many families and relationships including mine have survived today because of the humanitarian genius work you have been doing with your blog just to fix people’s lives.

Friday, April 19, 2019

Tales Of Xenophobic Attacks In South Africa

I left Nigeria and came to South Africa in 2003. I left Nigeria out of frustration because I didn’t complete my apprentiship that I was sent to do by my parents since I couldn’t get job after school. I wanted to join my step brother in Canada but he would keep telling me to wait and until my patience ran out. In fact I came to South Africa as my last hope of making it in life because I have seen boys that came back from SA, rocking hard their fancy toys and spraying their cash, I wanted a piece of that so I made preparations and left for SA.


Wednesday, April 3, 2019


I watched a video on facebook about xenophobia going on in South Africa, i came across a group of young man and women protesting against the accomodation of foreigners in their country, and i came across this young man who bitterly admitted that foreigners came into their country, taking away their jobs and their women. Seriously?

Sunday, March 31, 2019

I Rejected Ogbono, Okra soup Or Milk Because Of The Look Of A Mature Vagina – A Guy Relives His Horrible Experience When Molested At Age 6.

A guy has took to Facebook with the account name, Ralph N. C. Sanchez to share his horrible experience of sexual molestation he went through in the hands of their house help when he was just six years old.

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Teenage Girl Killed By Ritualists To Boost Their Yahoo Business. Photo

Four suspected ritualists are in custody for allegedly killing a 12-year-old hawker in Kwara state. The suspects named Salawudeen Azeez 18, Ismail Suleiman 19, Abdul Rafiu Aina 35 and Ibrahim Jimoh, recently killed the teenage hawker identified as Habbah Adamu in Bala village, Kwara.